I began meditating in my early twenties, inspired by an interest in Eastern living and philosophy. Having had spinal surgery aged seventeen, however, I believed that the physical aspects of yoga would be inaccessible to me. Happily, I was proved wrong.

I attended my first yoga class whilst travelling in India in 2013 and since then I have passionately pursued yoga from a place of inspired curiosity, experimenting with various styles and resonating in particular with the inclusivity and inspiring playfulness of Anusara yoga, which means to flow with the currents of grace; weaving the precise alignment of the Iyengar system with a Tantrik philosophy.  

I undertook a 100hr immersion in 2014 with Bridget Woods Kramer and a 200hr training with Bridget Woods Kramer, Ananda Leone and Carlos Pomeda in 2015 and was privileged to undertake a 6 month mentorship under the tutelage of Cassandra Missio at Earth & Sky Yoga Studio in Sydney. My passion for yoga has continued to grow as I have noticed the myriad ways it has transformed my experience of being alive and the ways it has helped me to befriend myself.  

For me, yoga helps to make more sense of what it is to be human: to live that humanity with courage and receptivity, to make mindful decisions and to see things more clearly. Yoga provides a set of exploratory tools for being in the body without competition, grades or keeping up with the Joneses; a place in which to pause, rest, feel and listen. On and (most importantly) off the mat, these tools can transform and enrich the ways we experience ourselves and our lives. 

Yoga has improved the quality of my relationships, widened my perception of the world around me (and has hopefully helped me to become a nicer person!)

With a commitment to teaching from a place of experiential knowledge, I relish being a perennial student of yoga. To that end, I relocated from Australia to London to undertake triyoga's 300hr Advanced Teacher Training in London with Anna Ashby & Jean Hall in 2017 (and back again in April 2019).

I am grateful to all my teachers and mentors, particularly Richard Rosen, Anna Ashby & Cassandra Missio and of course, my students!  


300 hour Advanced Teacher Training - triyoga, London
with Anna Ashby & Jean Hall

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
- Anna Ashby - triyoga, London

Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga
- Doug Keller - Yoga Campus, London

200 hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training

with Bridget Woods KramerAnanda Leone & Carlos Pomeda

100 hour Anusara Teacher Training Immersion - triyoga, London

with Bridget Woods Kramer

Anusara Elements™ Yoga Teacher

32.5 hours of Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga - Doug Keller - Melbourne, Australia (2016) 

Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate

Full professional liability insurance