Wendy began meditating in her early twenties, fascinated by Eastern philosophy, literature & ways of life. After years of chronic back pain as a teenager, she had spinal surgery at seventeen and mistakenly believed that the physical aspects of yoga would be inaccessible to her. Happily she was proved wrong.

Wendy attended her first yoga asana class in India in 2013. Since then she has immersed herself in yoga, experimenting with various styles and sharing her passion with new friends all over the world.  She completed her 200hr Anusara training in 2015 with Bridget Woods Kramer and was teaching at Earth & Sky Yoga Studio in Sydney before relocating to London in April 2017.

As a teacher, Wendy aims to help students of all ages and stages find greater physical and emotional freedom, a deeper and more mindful connection to themselves and an openness to everything within and without. Her classes are accessible, nurturing, grounding and gentle, delivered with a sense of humour.

With a thirst for knowledge concerning all aspects of yoga, Wendy is quick to acknowledge that she is a perennial student. She is very grateful to all of her teachers and mentors, particularly Bridget Woods Kramer, Ananda Leone, Carlos Pomeda, Richard Rosen, Anna Ashby & Cassandra Missio.