"Wendy is a beautiful soul and a nurturing yoga teacher. Her teaching style is dynamic, fun, inclusive and accessible for those new to yoga as well as advanced students. Participating in her classes was my 'must do' each week and I would leave each class feeling a little fitter, rejuvenated and happy".


"I'd tried yoga many times and never really enjoyed it - until I found Wendy's classes. Her gentle encouragement, her insightful comments and her excellent, inclusive teaching style got me hooked for the first time in my life! My husband and I both got so much from her classes; she’s indeed a very gifted teacher".


"Wendy's strong focus on alignment and integration of philosophy is truly unique. Her teaching style has helped me to recognise the subtle nuances in my body. Her gentle guidance has helped me tend to the unique quirks in my body (including long-standing lower back issues) in ways that no other teacher has. Her approach is empathetic, sincere and soothing, which in my experience is so rare. Wendy has me counting down the days every week until the next class”.


“Wendy taught my husband & I at our home for 10 months. Although we had quite different needs and experience, Wendy was able to cater for both of us as well as any one of our 3 children who may  happen to wander in & join at any time. She  has a flexible approach &  adapted our sessions according to whatever aches, pains & injuries we had that week! I think Wendy is an exceptional person and a wonderful teacher. Her continually smiling eyes and impish manner are utterly engaging, she will be very much missed upon her return to Australia!”


"I had the pleasure of being Wendy's yoga student while she was a teacher at Earth & Sky Yoga Studio in Sydney. During this time my yoga practice was enhanced greatly from Wendy's warm and knowledgeable teaching. She has a strong, well-informed knowledge of the physical body and a wide awareness of the yoga teachings. She has an inclusive style of teaching and is able to accommodate the many and varied needs of a mixed yoga class without losing the fuller direction of the class as a whole. I am an older-aged student but always felt my needs were met and understood. Wendy has a warm, engaging and professional manner, extensive expertise and a commitment to her craft which is commendable. She has a patient demeanour in and out of the studio. I have no hesitation in recommending her to future students".