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Yoga is for everyone.

We are all working with our own unique experiences, joys and sorrows and everything in between. Yoga is an inclusive, playful and powerful way of exploring our shared humanity with greater awareness.

Cultivating an awareness of our breath - especially when combined with mindful movement - can nourish and connect us to a deeper experience of being in the body and in the world. Yoga integrates our perceived separation of mind & body, head & heart, us & them. It helps to soften the voices that tell us weโ€™re not enough, and in doing so, creates space for us to feel, investigate and explore the essence of who we really are. 

Unfurling my yoga mat and watching what happens next is an ongoing experiment, a never-ending process of self-inquiry, an often confronting but always rewarding opportunity to move, to breathe, to feel, to listen and to observe more closely who I am and where I'm at.  When I lie down and take rest, I can come 'home' - again and again - to the essence of me that has become hidden, forgotten or all-too-easily overlooked.

Yoga has enabled me to soften and work with rather than battle against my physical limitations and those I impose on myself generally. As a teacher, my greatest wish is to instil the same sense of self-discovery and self-acceptance in my students, to facilitate them finding their own insights as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of being alive.

My teaching style is gentle, nurturing, friendly and down-to-earth; grounded in a desire to offer tools for compassionate self-inquiry, expansion and genuine transformation.


Photography from my adventures in food and travel xx